Academic Courses


CRC Students wishing to pursue an academic degree from Crown College can apply CRC courses toward their degree.

Care Ministries Institute offers 9 different free courses worth 1 credit each. To receive 1 credit, students must:

  1. Complete 1-3 specified CRC courses (see specific classes below) and submit CRC Course Completion Certificates for these courses
  2. Read a specified book related to the course topic
  3. Write a brief reflection paper

Because these courses are intended solely for students seeking academic degrees through Crown College, the following stipulations apply.  

  1. Students must be accepted as students at Crown before they can access the free CRC course offerings. (Once accepted, students will receive their Crown login. With their login they will be able access to the course pages through Crown’s Canvas system.)
  2. After students have been accepted at Crown, free CRC courses can be completed at any time while they remain a Crown student.
  3. Completed classes will be applied to the student’s transcript at the end of the term in which they are taken. Students must submit course completion certificates to their Crown academic advisor to initiate this process. 
  4. Students must complete at least one term at Crown before the credit is applied.
  5. Though it varies by institution, free CRC courses are generally not transferable to other colleges and universities unless the student finishes a full degree at Crown.

For more information, contact:
Crown Online Enrollment Team
[email protected] 


CMI Courses Offerings: